World Politics blog question #8 for blue team (section 081)

Are there boundaries to security policy? Are there things that should not be part of "security"?


blog question #8 for section 080 (red team)

Other than terrorism, what is the greatest threat to global peace and security? In answering this question, be sure to pay close attention to how you are defining "threat."


blog question #7 for blue team (section 081)

Besides being a lot of fun, Diplomatic Risk is also a simulation of certain aspects of world politics. In what ways are the dynamics of the game similar to actual world politics? In what ways are they different?


blog question #7 for red team (section 080)

In our Risk game, there was a reasonably easy way to determine the winner: the rules of the game specified victory conditions that players had to meet. But what might "winning" mean in actual world politics?