Blog question #2

For the Labor Day week, when we have no Monday class...

At the end of the novel, Awiti comments:
No matter the destruction that ensues, I have learned no amount of vengeance can replace what I lost. There is no reparation great enough to substitute for what was stolen. Is there truly a cost for an altered destiny? There is nothing that can overturn the curse of a nation that was once blessed.
Do you agree with Awiti's final sentiments? Can she never find peace? Can we?


SISU-105.026 blog question #1

Here's the first weekly blog question: what is the greatest global challenge at the moment? (It should go without saying that I would like you to not just say what you think, but to provide some reasons for your position. But in case that doesn't go without saying, I am saying it now.)



This has been a dead space since 2012. The reason? I was Associate Dean, and had no time for blogging. Or regular semester teaching. That all changed when my term of service ended, and since I'm teaching two classes this semester, one of which features some group blogging, it's time to breathe some life back into these old bones and make the blog sing again. Or something like that.

And away we go.