Acceptable conduct

IM chat transcript:

student: in the simulation... lets see how to word this... do you basically go by the philosophy that anything goes if it is backed up?
for clarification...
some of the issues we wanted to bring up we think are interesting to the simulation, but we dont want it to hurt other people's grades necc....

me: how would it hurt their grades?

student: say if a few groups were going to team up on another group

me: ah
can you do it in character?

student: yes
each of the questions etc, we will ask tomorrow will be in character, but it will be alot of questions aimed at a particular group
but if it is going to reflect bad upon them, i dont think that people would continue with the questions we wanted to ask

me: can they answer the questions?
are they fair questions?

student: well they can answer the questions...
but i think that it is the majority consent that they would have a hard time answering the questions
i think that they are asking questions that they have been asked that are tough, maybe fair...

me: aggressive questioning is an acceptable parliamentary tactic
it diminishes an opponent's power over the debate
as long as things don't get personal, it should be fine

student: ok, great, that is the main point
i will pass that on

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