Three cheers for recording equipment

I was interviewed for the campus weekly newspaper last week; the story ran today. And the story ran "above the fold," which was nice, even if I think I look a little goofy in the accompanying photograph . . .

The reporter for the paper did a marvelous thing and recorded our conversation. I can tell because the direct quotations in the piece were in fact direct quotations -- they are exactly what I said, not paraphrases or shorthand recollections. Having been somewhat misquoted in several past interviews, I'd like to give a public tip of the baseball cap to Mike Unger for getting it right! I think I come across in the piece close to how I am in daily life, which was nice to see.

Oh, just for the record: 7 biological, 19 adopted, 2 in line for adoption, and one guardianship. Making me officially the oldest of 28 children.

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