Two links of note

The first from my former student Lisa:

Mr. Universe (login required because it's on the NYTimes site), an op-ed by Ronald D. Moore -- writer of what I think is pretty incontrovertibly the best science fiction show on television, Battlestar Galactica -- about Star Trek and visions of the future.

The second courtesy of Tim Burke over at Easily Distracted: Goof-Off Readings: Genesis; The Muqaddimah; The End of History and the Last Man; Guns, Germs and Steel. You see, the Weekly Standard has decided that Tim's course is a "lightweight" and something worthy of mockery. I'm offended -- if Tim's course is a "bit of fluff," then what is my sci-fi course? Come on, Weekly Standard. Please tar and feather me too! I mean, I even assign a comic book (Watchmen). Granted, I'll match my course up with anyone else's course any day for intellectual rigor and the like, but only if I actually get challenged on it . . . so come on, Weekly Standard, by the (and I use this word loosely) "standards" you're using I am clearly teaching a "fluff" course that signals the End Of Western CIvilization As We Know It. So put me on the blacklist too!

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