Hogwartian Faculty Assignments

Because some of you asked, here's the list of Hogwartian course and position titles I used in my opening UC remarks last Sunday:

NameCourse TitleHogwartian Equivalent
Anthony RileyPsychology as a Natural Science (PSYC-115.080C)Potions
Christopher Tudge General Biology I (BIO - 110.080C) Herbology
Gary Weaver Cross-Cultural Communication (SIS-140.080C) Muggle Studies
Borden Flanagan Individual Freedom vs. Authority (GOVT-105.080C) Defense Against the Dark Arts
Caleen Sinnette Jennings Theater: Principles, Plays and Performances (PERF-115.080C) Charms
Keith Leonard Great Books That Shaped The Western World (LIT-125.080C) Ancient Runes
Sarah Menke-Fish Visual Literacy (COMM-105.080C) former Keeper for the Chudley Cannons
Steven Taylor Politics in the United States (GOVT-110.080C) Muggle Government
Barb Palmer Politics in the United States (GOVT-110.081C) Muggle Government
Walter Park Macroeconomics (ECON-100.080C) former chief strategist for Gringott’s Wizarding Bank
Jeffrey Middents Critical Approach to Cinema (LIT-135.080C) Care of Magical Creatures
Patrick Thaddeus Jackson World Politics (SIS-105.080C) Headmaster
Tiffany Sanchez Director of New Student Programs Transfiguration
Jamie Wyatt Assistant to the Director of
General Education
"Nymphadora Tonks"

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