World Politics Question #4

As we dig into liberal IR theory a bit, here's a question that will help to focus our attention on a specific issue:

If a state pursues wealth as its highest goal, will that make it more peaceful? Does the pursuit of wealth (instead of other possible goals that a state might pursue) lead to peace?

Note that the best answers to this question will involve both a theoretical argument about the relationship between wealth and peace (even if that argument is that there is no relationship), and some reference to empirical examples. You want to make a case as strongly as you can for your point of view, and incorporating both of these styles of reasoning will help you to do so.

Also, note that if you are arguing that the pursuit of wealth does not necessarily lead to peace, you might want to use that as an occasion to argue for the primacy of something other than wealth as a state goal and assess the impact of that on peace. Just a suggestion.

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