S/S/F Summer 2012: Dune

Here is a place for people to post their questions for the class discussion of Dune as comments.


Zach McDaniel said...

Well, I finally finished reading dune, and there's just so much to discuss. Lets start of by asking what do you all think of the fact that, despite it being mankinds future, mankind has regressed to a feudal system of governance?

In addition, what does the fact that religion plays a major role in the story say about Dune as a science-fiction book. After all, in many tales of the sci-fi genre, religion has either become irrelevant or is non-existant.

Jason said...

I'm also incredibly interested in the religious aspects of Dune. Its very clear that Herbert places a lot of importance on religion, especially when considering the appendix on religion. Herberts vision of the evolution religion is quite unique. Why does Herbert choose to evolve it in this specific way?

schuyler polin said...

Were the bene gesserit enemies of Paul Atreidies? He wasnt supossed to be born as a boy, but as a girl. Did his mother, by going against the plan, produce a son that was hated by the bene gesserit for beign the messiah?